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Carlos asked in Science & MathematicsZoology · 1 year ago

What animals would win in a survival fight between Polar Bear , Grizzly Bear , Black Bear vs 3 Jurassic Park Raptors ?

If you capture 3 fully grown peak male Bears and place them in the original Jurassic Park Raptors habitat vs 3 peak Raptors for survival which animals would win in a fight

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    Raptors are pretty smart, so my bets on them. Especially "Jurassic park" Raptors that are much larger than the real life counterpart.

  • Ray
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    1 year ago

    who knows,Jurassic park dinosaurs are fake, so they can do fake feats,winner is whoever the director chooses to win.

    JP raptors are velociraptor, in real life velociraptors were the size of a turkey, so the bears would easily win. Even though they are called velociraptor they are supposed to be deynonichus, which weighed from 160-220lbs. This animal could possibly beat a female black bear 1v1, but male black bears or any adult grizzly/polar bear would win easy. They are too big.

    However, there were bigger/stronger ''raptors''. Utah Raptor is the biggest strongest raptor species we know of, it would have made easy work of any modern bear likely hunting it. Only a few bears in history would have been able to hold its own against one. Arctotherium is the mightiest bear in history, it may have been able to defeat a utah raptor or at least hold its own. Very few carnivores in history would have clearly been able to defeat an arctotherium on land.

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    It's hard to say! But I think the grizzly bears--which can reach 9 ft. tall--could win. They have such thick hides, muscle, and deep layers of fat that it's really hard to break through. So a bear's organs and vasculature are very well protected. Real velociraptors were much smaller than what we see in the movie (they were only about the size of German Shepherds), but even the movie version probably wouldn't have the bite strength or musculature of a grizzly.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    In nature, fights to the death are rare. Animals tend to avoid others that may do them harm. And the loser of a brief encounter will usually try to flee. That is why we only see fights to the death in places like the ancient Roman Coliseum, where animals cannot escape from their encounters. Black bears live in the same area as grizzlies or brown bears, and black bears will climb trees to escape from their bigger relatives to avoid fights.

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  • 1 year ago

    just capture them and put them together and see

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