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how come I can't find any 24" 1.95 winth solid rubber tubes are tires for my bike, seems like there all gone not right? cant even on the net?


I ran out of characters earlier, but as far as what I'm getting at is that I cannot find flatless 24" inch solid rubber airless tubes is that are 1.95 in winth, even if I look on the internet on eBay or Google shopping, there's just one website that such a tease they call themselves stop-a-flat they have 26" solid rubber flatless airless tubes that go in the tire that are 1.95 in winth but not for 24" and seemingly missing other sizes as it would almost seem strategically deceptive

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  • pmt853
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    8 months ago

    Are you really after solid rubber tyres? I haven't encountered these since I was a child and had them on my tricycle some 60 years ago. Maybe you want tubeless tyres.

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