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Why is healthcare in the UK so bad ?

Waiting almost a month to see a doctor, what a joke and the opening hours are shocking. Compared to living in Australia (where I’m from) you could essentially see doctor nationwide provided you show them your Medicare card, then take a seat until the next doctor is available. Doctors are also open from about 6am to 11pm Monday-Friday and 7am to 8pm Sat-Sun (average hours) 

UK (Edinburgh doctors) only 2 hour time slots 9am-11am, 3pm-5pm. Come on no wonder the waits are so long! 

Yes appointments are free but I’d rather pay $45 (about £28) to get a diagnosis and then much of the money is repaid to me by the government. Or could wait until something to get seriously worse like cancer to spread until it’s too late. 

Is there not any NHS levy either?

I know it’s better than the US system where a doctors visits costs a fortune, but it’s very bad compared to a lot of other developed countries. 

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     Not too bad, considering it is free. Average waiting time for non emergencies  is 7 - 10 days. If you phone in early each day, you can sometimes get a cancellation slot.

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    Didn't you try calling your local surgery, or NHS direct? I know that English white female doctors' receptionists are possibly the most unpleasant people on this planet, but in the UK your first point of contact is your local surgery or NHS direct. If you require immediate help, then that's what you'll get. The reason the healthcare system in the UK is poorer is because conservative governments would rather use the money to give tax-cuts to the super-rich.

  • if you don't like our nhs then leave, go back to oz, the nhs is doing remarkably well under the pressures it's under.

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