How do I get my show performed professionally?

I'm a former amateur actor who's written a Pantomime and had it published. It's for a sale on a website and has been since August. No-one's bought it yet, though, so I'm just wondering how to market it.

I don't have the funds for a professional marketing consultant, I could do with a script editor to shorten the show a bit (though the length obviously wasn't an issue for the publisher). Is there a best place to advertise it so I can find an investor?

It's a bit of an unusual one for a Pantomime, it's about the King Arthur legend, and perhaps it's a lofty ambition for this to be as big as Cinderella, Aladdin, etc., but I'd settle with it being performed in schools, colleges and social clubs for now.

Any thoughts, anyone?

Oh, and here's a link to the script (not that reading it's essential to answering this question, but any thoughts on the script would be welcome to.)

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