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How should I handle this person WHO takes without asking ?

So I am a teacher and I have a student who brings a nurse with him pretty much everywhere. Long story short: Old nurse quit, new nurse started monday. Ever since, he has been helping himself to my personal items in the classroom cabinet. Items such as my personal waters, coffee, tea, paper cups, paper plates, etc. All things that will need to be replaced BY ME once they are gone. $$$$$ That being said, I dont want to come across as petty or greedy but even his first day he NEVER once asked permission to be in my cabinet to begin with. I have never had another adult do this and feel uncomfortable and irritated that he is putting me in this position but I feel like I need to address it.

So my question is, how would you address it? I need advice on how to do so because I just feel so uncomfortable when I see him digging in my stuff. He does it right in front me so I suspect that he doesnt think anything of it and probably assumes that the stuff is provided by the school. What would you do?


Some of you may have noticed this was posted twice but with different details: I decided to change up some unimportant details for privacy but didnt realize I had submitted both. Situation is real and I just need advice- details on who the person is shouldnt matter anyways. Thanks. 

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     Disciplining children is no easy task especially when they aren’t your own. But when you hold back discipline when it’s justified; the task becomes even more difficult. (Heb. 12:11) The link below leads to an article that gives practical advice on disciplining children; with this information you can make your decision on how you can go about properly rectifying your situation. 

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    You say "these are my personal items. They are not for anyone to use"

    Until the guy has been told how is he to know?

  • 10 months ago

    padlock, or do not store stuff in the cabinet (duh !)

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Troll smarter, not harder.

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    If you didn't have a note on the door indicating that the contents are your personal property, and haven't mentioned that the items are paid for by you and not the school, which I would have done the first day before he even had a chance to take any of these items, of course he thinks the school provided them. You'll have to tell him now that it's your personal stuff, and while you don't mind providing it you would like a contribution to the cost of it. And decide ahead of time what you'd like that contribution to be. It could be per coffee or per day or per week.

    You could say something like 'I should have put a note on the door, but I didn't so you couldn't have known. The things in there are paid for by me, not the school, and if you'd like to share them could you leave a dollar for each beverage you use?'

  • Eva
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    10 months ago

    And your assistant does the same thing? Me thinks I smell a troll. Put a lock on the cabinet.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I would put a lock on the cabinet. Then they can't have access to your personal items. If they go back there again, they will see the lock and understand that they don't have access to it. You can also gently mention to them that these are your own personal items not for sharing.

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