should I take my daughter to the doctor ?

My 8 month old daughter not wanting to eat as much she is throwing up a little, tooth recently cut through still not all the way through but I can feel the tooth she has had fever shes fussy she kind cries a little when she eats has been sleeping more then usual. is this just teething or something else?

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  • Tulip
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    How on earth would we know

  • y
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    8 months ago

    Viruses go hand and hand with teething. The tooth/teeth pushing through allows easy accsess for viruses to get in. Along with teething comes an increase in what we see as drooling. Uncontrollably all over the place including more going into that belly of hers, which can lead to some discomfort. The pain in their mouths can cause a decrease of eating and such, there are many types of teething things out there. I found the ones that freeze, a damp hand towel that was wet and then frozen, worked wonders for my youngest.  Temp, the slight fever is nothing, but it does require monitoring in case it spikes or meds do not take it down. Dehydration and calorie intake can also be issues during this time that need to be watched. If one is worried, call the doc, they are used to it, they are also used to parents fussing over their little ones a bit more then is needed. Temp, dehydration, weight lose, three important keys to keep in mind.

  • 8 months ago

    yes u should take her to the doctor.

    u should also take her to the dentist about her tooth

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