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Sudden vision change in left eye, what should I do?

I'm 20. Suddenly, in class, my left eye started to see wiggly blurred lines that have made it difficult to see. I don't know if it is my contact, but it is giving me a headache, and it worsens when I stare at the computer screen or any screen in general. I have an eye appointment on Monday. What could cause this sudden change? It is freaking me out.

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    Sounds like you may be having a migraine. Google migraine aura and see if it looks like what you are experiencing.

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    Wiggly dots and smoky wisps can just be floaters, but when their arrival is sudden and there are lots of them, *seen with one eye and not the other* (Edit: this is an important aspect. If you see it with both eyes, that's not it.), it's often a sign of damage to the retina that's released blood into the vitreous humor. (I have that, so I'm happy to share what I've learned.)

    Unless you're seeing a sudden flash of light or experiencing darkness like a curtain lowering on the affected eye, indicating a detaching retina, you're fine to wait until your eye appointment on Monday. Often the visual disturbance is the result of a tear in the retina so small they can't find it, or they can but it's so small they can't repair it without risking worse damage. The blood in the vitreous humor eventually lessens, and/or your brain manages near-normal vision around it, which is where I'm at. I tend to notice it only when looking at a computer screen, the page of a book, or a solid light color surface like a wall. I can still use the computer and read.

    If it were me, I wouldn't wear my contacts in the meantime.

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    Stop freaking out.  Doing so won't change anything.  Here are some thoughts.

    1. Wiggly, clear "worms" are called floaters. These are generally harmless microscopic fibers within the vitreous the have clumped and cast tiny shadows on your retin. Many people just live with these, but they can be removed with surgery.

    2.  Eye strain, lack of sleep, deydration, and general stress can cause blurry vision and headaches.  Again, the remedy is to rest, get more sleep, use moisturizing eye drops, and spend less time online or doing close work (right, I know).

    3.  While it may seem sudden, it is possible that the vision in that eye has been changing for a while and your prescription isn't right anymore.  

    4.  There are more serious and rare eye conditions that could cause your problems, but they aren't likely, so stressing over them isn't going to help.  

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