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How should a small business handle false accusations of racism?

I own a small restaurant and occasionally we have to address patrons for various things- most notably harassing a female patron or bringing in open alcohol containers. However, when we say something, sometimes the first response is that we are racist for even saying something.To be clear, we treat ALL customers the same and have thrown out people of all races who cross a line. However, now we are starting to hesitate to say anything at all to certain groups for fear of being accused of racism. We ourselves are Asian.

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    We don't allow alcohol to be brought in from other sources. How can that be construed as racist? If they don't leave after harassment, tell them you will call the police if they don't leave NOW.

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    When they claim that, you reiterate 'I'm stopping you because you have an open alcohol container'.

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    Be consistent, have video tapes.  

    You run a restaurant and people try to bring in open containers...get a host and stop those people right at the door...

    Have everyone learn how to quickly record things on their phone...nothing says you are right like the other person screaming while being asked nicely to leave a restaurant...

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    The goal is to get you to hesitate, to manipulate you. Law enforcement actually wanted body cams but was often denied them due to budget. The fools handed law enforcement what they wanted. Surveillance is what you need, record everything. I recommend letting the problem person get all their claims out in the open prior to sharing the surveillance. Otherwise they will just try to create a story to try and fit the video. Let them dig a hole they can't get out of. 

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    Video and audio security is about the only way you'll be able to prove that race was not a factor. Other then that, be prepared to pay.

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