Dear malaysians, do you hate indonesians?

Hello , I am wishing to study pastry and bakery in malaysia , I originally interested to study pastry at AIBTHM in Uttar Pradesh,india. However ,my parents disagree and prefer if I study in malaysia . 

Ps: I am not a football fan nor fond of politics.

Thank you

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  • 8 months ago
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    First, be aware that Bahasa Indonesia & Bahasa Malaysia are different dialects. You will want to pay attention & learn the local dialect in a hurry if you go to Malaysia. Beyond that minor adaptation, you should not have any serious problems. 

    Malaysians have strenuous objections to illegal aliens from Indonesia, India,  & elsewhere. Legit students who GO HOME upon completion of their course should not have any trouble. You won't be working on rubber plantations, etc.

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