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How come its windy in the winter but barely a breeze in the summer to cool us off, does cold air create wind?

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    The reason why its windy in the winter but barely a breeze in the summer to cool us off doesn't require a long winded -- pardon the pun -- answer.

    It's more often windy during the winter than it is in summer is b/c the temperature contrast across a given distance is greater in winter than it is in summer.

    Strong (weak) temperature contrasts produce strong (weak) contrasts in air pressure which in turn produce strong (weak) winds.

    Source(s): Meteorologist.
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    I don't find this observation to be true, at least not here where I live.  Extreme cold and high heat are both signs of a stable high pressure air mass.  Winds are caused by air pressure differences.  Strong winds occur when there is a powerful difference in air pressure over short distances.  Usually, winds are associated with low pressure systems where air from nearby high pressure regions are funneled into the frontal region (region of conflict between two air masses).

    I find that the coldest winter days are those with no wind to speak of, and the nastiest hot of summer weather is when there is no wind either.  Both of these happen when a large high pressure air mass is formed.  Both tend to be associated with sunny weather and clear skies, which is what tends to be the case when dry air is descending from higher in the atmosphere.

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    Where I'm at the weather is bipolar.

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