If I were to run a magnet by a coil to power an LED what kind would I use?

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  • 10 months ago
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    You need one large piece magnet, prefer taking it out from a large speaker. Get about 100 feet thin wire, like the one taking out from phone line or internet cable ( inside has 8 thin wires ), or taking it out from transformer those golden color wire.

    Now, cut a piece of thick paper card board,size 4" X 8" , round the thin wire on board spreading the whole board. Connect LED terminals to both coil terminals ( head and tail ). Move the magnet on top of flat coil from left to right quickly, LED shall light up. If not enough brightness, add more turns of coil.

    Remark: LED can be light up with AC or DC power, the above device generates AC power. As LED is power with AC, no need to bother its polarity connection ,because LED itself is also a diode.

  • 10 months ago

    Like the various bike lights running on this principle? Usually, the strongest magnet you can practically use. Keep in mind that the magnet will also (usually) attract the coil (which usually would be cored), so you'll have to take this force also into account.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Get an old school dynamo.

  • Jim
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    10 months ago

    Almost any would work. LEDs run on very low voltage.

    However! You need the proper circuitry (rectifier bridge) to ensure the voltage is always in the proper direction.

    And you need to ensure you do not exceed the rated voltage (current) of the LED!!!

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