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Will stanford bend admission requirements and admit a talented student with low test scores, and give a full ride scholarship?

My daughter won a local talent show singing Walking in the Air as a duet with her best friend Jordan. She won 1000 dollars and kept a share of 500 which goes with other prize money into a savings account where she keeps money from her business she and her friend have had which they sing at a local restaurant.

She has about $25000 saved up, and we are concerned she will not be able to qualify for need based aid because of the assets. Her hs gpa is 3.7 and her sat scores don’t qualify her for Stanford but is there a special talent admit path that might be available?

She can’t think of what to study and her hs gpa would be better if she didn’t fail precalc? Will Stanford overlook this? Would Columbia be a better option?


We have an income of 90k a year and we likely wouldn’t qualify for much need based aid anyway, and there are lots of other assets that the CSS profile would penalize, she does own a boat however which she could allow the crew team to use at some times in exchange for a full ncaa scholarship. The boat has 350 horses and is a cabin cruiser catamaran. The crew team would love to use that boat as it is faster than a standard rowing boat and much more luxurious.

Update 2:

She can’t get her YouTube revenue exempted from being classified as available income, and she cant get any assets and we the parents can’t find a way to convert parent assets in taxable brokerage accounts soon enough to qualify for need based aid, does CSS profile have a tools of trade exemption for precious metals in the form of Tiffany necklaces that singers are eligible for? Can we potentially exempt the home theater audio system in our vacation home as a tool of her trade?

Update 3:

Stanford based on research and the CSS profile seems like it wants us to drain all our assets if she is even let in the door. They probably want my daughter to sell her boat, and all her entire collection of Tiffany necklaces which are tools of her trade in my opinion? They act like we the parents are expected to sell our vacation home, downsize our home and bleed dry all our savings, is there merit aid at Stanford that might protect our assets?

Update 4:

Stanford does offer athletic scholarships, and her cabin cruiser would make the envy of the crew team, it’s faster than a row boat, maybe they will give her a crew scholarship in exchange for letting them use her boat for 4 years and maintain and gas up the boat for her saving a lot of money while she is in school? That’s all i can think of to get her a full ride to Stanford. THis would work as long as she can use the boat recreationally sometimes

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