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I am looking up the background of my birthparents on Is all this confidential or will people be able to see I am looking it up?

By people I mean my biological parents and their families. I am not sure yet if I want to meet them. The birthmother who is the one I would have wanted to meet is dead. She died of a drug overdose apparently 4 years after I was born. Her parents wish not to know me. Past that I don't know anyone or anything other then a name for the bio-father and his parents. I am looking at their family tree and if i type in one ancestor name that I found it takes me to the next and so on back to 1810 as someone has done a thorough genealogy job in this family obviously.

Also on Facebook I looked up my birthfather on more then one occasion but have NOT friended him or his family. Is he able to see I am looking him up when I have NOT hit add as friend?

This may be kind of weird but I need to know about my background but not sure I want to meet them. I've been looking since weekend before last and I am 26.


Thank you all

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    No one on Ancestry will know that you have looked them up. (Also, you should not assume that a family tree on Ancestry is accurate. Many people are very sloppy with their genealogy research, cutting and pasting pieces of other family trees rather than doing accurate research using original records.) They will also not know if you are looking them up on Facebook. If you do Ancestry DNA, then your biological family members might be able to find you if they also do Ancestry DNA. It will show your relatedness to other family members and they will be able to see that you are a close relative.

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    They have no way of knowing when anyone views their tree, unless you message them.

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    That is amazing . I have been researching for over 50 years and have yet to be able to locate and verify my findings of living people. Genealogy is not just looking things up on line and being correct the first time. You need to be very sure before you start contacting people.

    Source(s): Genealogical Researcher 50 + years
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    "on februari 30th, this profile was visited by someone at IP 23.56.765.89" ?


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    i would hope not

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    you may show up in the suggested friends section eventually

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    It's 100% natural to be curious about where you come from. As far as I know, there's no way to tell who has viewed a public profile or public records on ancestry.

    On Facebook, you will likely be suggested as "People You May Know" to individuals whose profiles you've looked at ...but there's no definite way for them to confirm that you were looking.

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