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Need help with information about global warming not being real ?

For a class, I need to be able to argue that global warming isn't real / not

man made

. While




believe in this, I have no choice but to argue in a debate


someone else and need a lot of help with resources or ideas to refute things that can be thrown at me.

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  • Susie
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    10 months ago
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    I don’t know why many who use the term global warming thinks it automatically means manmade.  That is a political tactic.  Research all the weather changes, warming and cooling and land mass boundary changes that happened PRIOR to human beings.  The earth is 4.5 billion years old, humans 250,000 years?  How long have accurate weather records been kept?   Just because the temps are the warmest in 100 years, doesn’t mean they weren’t that warm  or warmer before accurate records were kept. And how accurate were the instruments used in years past?   A hundred years is but a drop in bucket to the much bigger time frame of existence and weather cycles.  You can also research weather or atmospheric changes and cycles on other planets, which are believed to be uninhabited 

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    Here's something for your class.

    First, there is a lot of handwringing about Greenland and it's ice. If it all melts we're in trouble. So to many people Greenland is a bellwether, a harbinger of things to come.

    Now look at the chart below. See the trend of cooling, then the small uptick of temperatures on the far right. That uptick is the recent warming. The warming since the Little Ice Age ended. That warming is insignificant to the overall cooling trend of the past many thousand years.

    So an important question really is whether or not the warming is significant to the overall scheme of things.

    Another important question is how was it so much warmer at times in the past 8000 years, when CO2 from fossil fuels was not an issue.

    Then, given the temperature fluctuations of the past 8000 years shown below, isn't it logical to assume that this current warming trend will be followed by a cooling trend as it always has in the past?

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  • Cowboy
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    10 months ago

    Yours is a journey to the dark side......may the force be with you!

  • 10 months ago

    Ice age, warm age we switch all the time and volcanoes put out c02 all the time so it's useless to think we could every change the environment without factors alone. Or just google it i'm sure you will find a bunch of right wing conspiracy websites. Don't you dare interdict me you moron.

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  • 10 months ago

    Hard not to notice no links provided by anyone even your chosen best answer, pretty easy to say why, there are no science sources for any denier BS. As you can see deniers spin nonsense like “ask them what the optimum temp of the Earth is” or graphs only go up to 2010, what rubbish.

    As for the claim of the temp record only being 100 years old again BS, ice core and sediment cores give proxy temps going back hundreds of thousands of years, that will soon be pushed back to 1 million.

    As for the graph claim, denier graphs often cherry pick years, to bend results, or simply invent data, real science sites have always offered data covering the total period of the modern record and that has been updated regularly.

    NASA has graphs on temp, sea ice, Co2, glacial ice, none of them “stop” in 2010.

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    You need to look at the graphs. Many only go to 2010. What about 2010 to 2019? Many graphs have also been altered. If you make the axis longer or shorter it looks as though temperature is increasing. You can prove that by changing the graph the figures look totaly different

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    Just when they bring up a good argument say WALMART

  • 10 months ago

    Well, this week I've read that we're going to have a potato shortage due to early winter weather out west and, here in Connecticut, we've just had the heaviest early snowstorm in history, up to 18" in parts with the temperatures below average for this time of the year. It sure doesn't sound like global warming to me.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Warmaphobics, climatesciencetologists! Ask them what they think the "optimum" temperature is for the earth and watch them melt down.

  • 10 months ago

    Sorry, all intelligent data proves it is real.

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