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track new student?

I transferred schools as a sophomore (off-year). Our winter track practices began this week. At my previous school, I ran varsity for the 800m and was one of the faster girls on my team. During my practices for my new school, I have been grouped with slower girls nowhere near my speed. The coach doesn't know who I am or what I run and I don't want to tell her because I don't want to seem annoying, especially at the very beginning of the season. I thought that being significantly faster than the other girls in my workout group would make her consider switching me to a faster group but she hasn't. I don't want to continue the season not being pushed to my full potential but at the same time, I feel as if it would be awkward telling her that I am better than what she currently thinks of me. What would you do in my situation? 

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  • Adam D
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    8 months ago

    Run the workouts you're given, the way they are given (hard on hard runs, easy on easy runs, etc.).  You shouldn't require people around you to do this, the effort level that a given workout requires is based on your perception of that effort.  For example, if you're told to run intervals at slightly harder than your race pace, the pace others can run a race doesn't do anything to help you determine what level of effort is required for YOUR race pace.

    Also, it's Wednesday of the first week of practice.  Your coach has literally seen you run only 3 times.

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    actions speak louder than words so run and run as fast as you can each practice. try to beat your record every time you run. do not think that she will not notice, she may not say anything, but she will notice. stay humble and the girls will notice and like you for it

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