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Philosophy questions, Help please ? :/?

I need to answer these questions but not sure how to, can someone please help?

1. Galen Strawson states "nothing can be causa sui." Briefly explain what he means by this statement, and how it relates to questions regarding the existence of free will.

2. Compare and contrast determinism and indeterminism, and explain how these concepts relate to questions regarding free will.

3. Roderick Chisholm distinguishes causation into two forms: transeunt causation, and immanent causation. Explain these concepts, and how it relates to questions regarding the existence of free will.

4. J.L. Mackie states "there are no objective values." Explain what he means by this, and explain how his two arguments, the Argument from Relativity and the Argument from Queerness, support his claim. What are some possible implications from Mackie's view?

5. Briefly explain moral subjectivism. What are Thomas Nagel's thoughts regarding it?

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    Causa sui is Latin meaning from itself. Nothing can create itself. But since something is creating life and Everything, Strawson's statement is false. Nothing exists outside of existence, so existence is creating everything, including nothing, and because of that, nothing is intrinsic in Everything, or else Everything wouldn't be Everything. Time doesn't exists, and all there is is an eternal now, and so there is no past for anything to be a cause for an effect in the present or future.

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    I think you need to study

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