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My 12 year old daughter is trying to get me into trouble to have things go her way?

I was 15 when I had my daughter. I was really young at the time but I sacrificed a lot for her. I dropped out of high school to care for her and raise her. I was always there for her. I have given her everything and loved her with all of my heart. But ever since she started middle school, she thinks she's the boss. She's a tiny girl and she looks innocent but I think she's a devil. She told her teachers that I abuse her. The principal called me down and we had a long talk. I told them that I'll do anything for my daughter and I would never physically assault her. I literally zipped down my daughters sweater and tried to prove that there's no bruise marks on her arm. I told one of the lady teachers to come and look for any abuse signs. I had my daughter take off her shirt where she was in a bra and the teacher was inspecting any bruise masks. She couldn't find any and she dismissed me to go back home. I took my daughters phone because she has been talking to guys and I want her to focus on her school work. She yelled at me and told me that she's gonna go tell the principal that I abuse her and this time, she will self harm to make bruises. I didn't believe her and I let her talk. 2 hours later, she came into the room and showed me her arms. There was a red bruise that later turned blue. I got scared and gave her the phone back. I feel like I'm failing as a mother and my daughter is taking advantage of me. I'm getting so depressed. How do I control this behaviour? 


I do no that want to get into trouble and lose custody of my daughter. She's young and doesn't understand that I love her and I just want her to succeed. 

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    Get the teachers who believe you to have your back in case your daughter gets the government involved. I think you should send your kid to a military school or a school for troubled youth. You love her but she has no problem using your love to destroy you.

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    Maybe the two of you can go to family therapy if this is true.

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    You could take her to the doctor, tell them what she's been saying and that she's been hurting herself. They'll ask her questions about it and she might actually talk to them soo they can diagnose her if there's a mental problem, or just suggest a therapist to her. Might need to trick her into by saying your going shopping instead of the doctor. Even if you don't think it's that serious you could try it as a scare tactic, it could make her realize that what she's she's doing is wrong.

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    But it's allllllllllllllllllllllllll worth it isn't it?

    Let me stick with my dog and cat.

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    Fake story moron. You would be asked to go to counseling for both you and your daughter if this were even remotely a real situation. YOu also would not have been allowed to strip your daughter down in front of teachers. That would only occur if authorities got involved (like CPS). Any adult that gives a 12 year old a cell phone and doesn't place parental locks and restrictions on that phone is an idiot. Sorry but most of this story seems fake.

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    don't feed the trolls

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    Tell that little shït to back the fudge up or she’ll get a aśs whipping!!!

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