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Luke asked in SportsCycling · 9 months ago

Why have e-bikes suddenly become popular?

They existed for years and years and hardly anyone bought one. Now everyone's getting them. Why the sudden change?

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  • David
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    9 months ago
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    Same reason we’ve gotten electric cars, drones, electric skateboards and all the other gadgets - better batteries. With more energy packed into a smaller space, lots of things suddenly became a lot more doable.

    Ebikes weren’t much fun or useful when they had half the range and twice the weight. 

    And of course the novelty aspect too. Some people are always attracted to that.

    Then there is the possible health aspect. People are always looking for that mode of exercise that they will manage to stick to. If not Zumba, Boot Camp or HIIT, maybe some gentle ebiking will do the trick.

  • 9 months ago

    Very short & sarcastic answer.  Because this "me" generation today is too f*cking lazy.  I routinely PASS much younger people riding e-bikes.  Why do you need an electric motor to go turtle speed?  

  • 9 months ago

    1) Because many want the enjoyment  of riding a bicycle without having to do the work that goes along with it.  

    2) Unlike combustion engines the noise levels are very low with ebikes.

    3) Many places won't allow combination engines vehicles  to be operated on their paths but will allow electric motor vehicles. 

    4) Technologies are improving with ebikes that have faster charge times and allow longer ride and/or assist times.

    5) Marketing and advertising techniques are being used to convince people ebikes are a good choice.

    Still until faster charging and longer ride times are developed further there isn't currently a need to develop manufacturing technologies to bring the price of ebikes down.  Until this happens ebikes may become only a passing fad.  

    That being said the future of better ebike technologies being developed and cost being brought down lies in the profitability of city ebike and kick scooter rentals programs.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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