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Is the problem with climate alarmism really the alarmists and not climate itself?

Chicken littles have crowed forever.  Their doom and never comes to pass.  When their horrible forecasts prove wrong they move onto something else.

Seems to me the problem is their psychological dysfunction.

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  • JimZ
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    Yeah, I think the problem may be that the problem isn't that bad.  There are always a minority of people that think they live in the end of times, that everything that they experience is "unprecedented" and worse than ever before.  This is an odd mentality for a group of people that have it so much better than ever before, they actually have time to worry about it and they take full advantage of the opportunity.  I don't think my attitude that they have it better than ever before is the slightest Pollyannaish either.   

  • Cowboy
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    10 months ago

    The most alarming thing about climate change is that the US republican party is the ONLY legislative body on the planet that won't lift a finger to stop the bleeding. These people are monsters!!!

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    At the end of the day the worlds scientists and their associated scientific bodies think this is happening based on the evidence, regardless of whether their country is left or right leaning, politically. Nosense about “chicken little” or insults about grade school results or references to global conspiracies conserning communists or Al Gore continue to be peddled by deniers, but ask them for anything that could be called verifiable science and they go strangely quite. While the hardcore deniers like to bang their chests and mindlessly repeat long disproved claims. That they keep trying the same old fictions probably explains why denial has steadily shrunk in numbers over the last decade, now even groups like Exxon are attempting to distance themselves from denial, a group their money help start.

    No amount of huffing and puffing by deniers will change the fact that not one science body in the world supports their BS.

    E.g. the recurring claims of failed projections the main 4 projections are temp, glacial ice loss, sea ice loss and sea level rise.

    Not sure what has failed here, temp rise is running near the highest projections offered by the IPCC, Arctic sea ice loss is happening much faster than was originally projected, sea level rise per year has doubled, the yearly rate of 1.7mm to 3.4mm in the last 20 years.

    The only failure here, is that scientists in the late 80’s underestimated what is actually happening in the data now.

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    It has a lot of problems. The main fallacy is their argument that you have to stop polluting when you are not the one polluting. Then you realize that what they want to do is control you and hold you back so that you can not live as full of a life, but they will live their life as full as they can.

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  • Mike
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    10 months ago

    They failed  grade school  Science 

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