How do I ease my mental pain ?

n June I had my first manic episode AT SCHOOL. Many people were worried for me but I was so happy and I had SO MUCH self love, this feeling I’ve never had. But after that things went down hill. The school started rumors like I was on acid or meth or crack, many thought I was going to kill my self. As things went worse my counselors sent me home. Until I’m in a hospital because everyone was worried about me. I ended up going to a psychiatric mental hospital for a week, and I was so delusional I had no idea where I was and what I was going there. After I got I made more mistakes during my summer break. I crashed a party and people were calling me crazy, and then I told my friend that I never wanted to talk to her because I thought she was talking **** about me, but everyone thought I was going to hurt her so everyone there was watching us just in case I did which hurt a lot. Later on I was getting closer with girl who is a senior. We hung out and smoked pot and it was great she was a great friend. Until she never contacted me again and always left me on open. Soon I found out that she was telling people that I’m a angel one minute and another minute I’m a devil who always blames **** on her. I don’t have many friends left. It’s all I think about. Replaying in my head. I want to go back. I miss that high feeling, I miss friends, I miss not being so mentally ill now. I’m on 5 psychotics AND Adderall. I really need help. Please is there any advice or tricks to help ease the pain?

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  • 10 months ago

    5 psychotics? Do you mean antipsychotics? And Adderall? I’m not a doctor, but that doesn’t seem right. If you’re on antipsychotics, 5 seems like a lot....and Adderall isn’t really recommended for anything involving mania. 

    I’m not a mental health professional, but you might want to start a journal that allows you to keep track of how you’re feeling while on every medication you’re given. You’re young and you’re most likely going to spend a long time trying different medications in order to find the right ones that work for you. It’s just part of the process. Some medications can make your condition worse, so it’s really important to keep track of your mood and communicate with your psychiatrist. 

    You’ve probably heard this already, but you have to give therapy a try. 

    When it comes to easing pain, you need to develop coping skills that work for you. Maybe try music, funny movies, exercise, or whatever you think might help. Google some ideas if you can’t think of anything.  Smoking pot is really not a good idea right now even if it may “help”. Trust me, it’s not wise when you’re dealing with a severe mental health condition, especially when you’re so young. Your brain is still developing and weed just ain’t gonna help in the long run

    Best of luck kid 💛

  • 10 months ago

    I think this is a troll.  But, will give the most technical and lengthy relpy (no troll) would ever read.  Sounds a lot more like BPD/C-PTSD than "manic".  BD (BipolarDisorder) is extremely over diagnosed.  You did not say gender/age BPD is very uncommon.  But more common in women.  It changes your neurobiology (brain chemistry).  So women who are empathic/gifted (which is more rare) are typically more likely to get BPD.  If you do not believe in that - it is fine.  "Hyper Sensitive" women (it is a thing, google  it) are more likely to get BPD.  Generally close relationships are loud/combative & the woman experiences emotions intensely & raw .  Like feeling all the emotions at once in the universe but inside you (love, hate, like, dislike).  It is technically called "emotional dysfunction" and your emotive response (way you react emotionally) is off - A lot is off.  Essentially emotions are energy it is internal energy/pressure.  Often there are negative intrusive thoughts "loser, worthless or "stupid b*tch" - it is a roller coaster.  While this is true with any gifted/emphatic women find most of their lives they are attacked, excluded or mistreated by others.  There tends to be jealousy from other men/women too.  It is that "emotional intensity"/energy people pick up on and use it against you.   She(HE; person with BPD) has a temper are blunt, colofrul or abbrasive at times.  They value fun/exciting or passion. The external stimulation (loudness/intensity) helps or calms the internal storm.  It is usually emotional trauma (mild - serious) or abuse (emotional/physical) which causes it (BPD).  You notice it getting much worse from 11-16.  Then it doubles from 16-21 and goes down hill.  BPD is tough.  Enough of BPD though.  BiPolar seems to be diagnosed so frequently so they can get people medicated (hooked young) - google: "BD overdiagnose" or "misdiagnose".  Pharmaceutical companies turned into trillion dollar cartels (corporations) about 100 yrs ago.  It makes meth, crack or marijuana look small.

    I am sure you know that: "Praise god, pass the pills, get the patient hooked, keep them crawling back to pay the bills".  Most pharmaceuticals kill more people than crack - Google it..  While this is a bit over the top it is all 100% true:  The general state of mental health healthcare/help especially for women in the USA is broken in many cases.

    People suck, they are rude, mean or cruel.  Women get jealous/petty or competitive (so do men).  The longer people hold others down the stronger and bigger they feel.  The more exclude people the more popular they appear.  People are fake, many "get off on"/enjoy embarrassing or hurting others especially in front of people.  The b*tch talking sh*t seems like a problem, no?  She was smoking with you then trying to turn people against you?  Is that common? People often times pretend to be friends so they can use/abuse the other person later.  Where are your parents/actual friends?  People just sending you to psych hospitals - lol.

    Of course you are delusional in a hospital.  Friends/family who should be helping you just send you there?  As if that is going to help you.  This is UK but 100% true in USA(sexual assault  psych hospitals).  Why is this so common? Women in hospitals are "insane"/"lying" is all they need to say: women are abused more frequently than not and it is "brushed away". Being locked in a strange building with strange people makes anyone delusional - and it IS worse for you.

    -You really just need to start with a self-diagnose.  Take 3-4 months and figure out whats wrong in your opinion.  Work with someone who gets it or do it alone. To fight something you need to "name it".  Most therapists give you 1-2 hours a week.  Get you in, get you meds and get you out thats it.  You need to do this.  Make that plan self diagnose.

    -Look for patterns going back 5-10 yrs.  Depression, anxiety, dissociation, concentration, fear, social phobia, psychosis - what frequent ("chronic") symptoms..  Make a list of 50 things you want to change - it is tough

    - How is relationship with mom/dad?  Then normal controlling/manipulative/mean or great?  With other women (they great, petty, jealous, competitive or push you away)?  How about men same......These are rhetorical questions.  Its what I would figure out.  You don't reply here. I am just writing a long email no troll would read.  Start with a self diagnose.  2-3 paragraphs does not help anyone..  If there are negative, rude or abusive people/energy in your life it all needs identified understood then thrown away. You can't tolerate or allow it anymore.  Try older, younger, different or random people to talk to you only need a few.  Identify patterns and self diagnose.   If any of the above makes sense look for people who get

    Are you empathic/gifted BTW?  I am wondering that.  Might tell a lot.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28, KJV).

  • Steven
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    10 months ago

    This is the problem of incompleteness, you need affection, so try to be with you parents affection, that helps you get rid it out from here. Forget all things. participate in physical activities. try to be busy. Good Luck! 

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    10 months ago

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  • 10 months ago

    FACT:  You have obviously been diagnosed with a very serious and CHRONIC, life-long mental illness called Bipolar Disorder.

    This is a genetic condition which runs in families and so other people in your family have had this disease in the past.  It is caused by a biochemical imbalance within your brain that manifests itself in those crazy manic highs and depressive suicidal lows.

    Using pot with your chronic mental illness is like throwing a bucket of gasoline on a burning only makes it much, much worse. 

    How is this disease treated?

    You need to stay well regulated on your medications as they build up in your body to a therapeutic level and you gain highs or lows.  As you have said before, you felt great however people were scared to death of you and you ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

    AVOID THE HOSPITAL and start to take better care of your health because you are an adult now and responsible for yourself.  Take your medications as prescribed, see your doctor regularly, don't drink alcohol or use street drugs and avoid stressful situations.

    Yes, you are young and this is your first break.  But if you get serious and start to take better care of yourself, you could become stable enough to function in this world on your medications.  Many famous people have this disease.  One of our presidents, Theodore Roosevelt had Bipolar Disorder and he was a success, why not you?

  • Tulip
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    10 months ago

    Trolling trolling

  • 10 months ago

    Counseling and talking to other people in your situation will help.   A manic high is a great feeling but it has a lot of bad consequences, so its not an option if you want to function in society.  

    The most important trick you can learn is to accept that you have a mental illness that will ruin your life if you don't keep it under control.  You lost friends because your behavior was out of control.  Stop thinking that the past was some wonderful experience - it wasn't.  Your brain was tricking you into thinking everything was great while your were scaring and alienating the people around you.  

    You need to make the best of things with who you have become with the medications.  It sucks and its not fair, but there's no ideal solution for dealing with mental illnesses like yours. 

  • 10 months ago

    keep taking the meds for your mental illness, and why not try regular swimming, it has a great effect on mood.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Meditate, fifteen characters yes

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