I have an exam on the same day of a work shift?

I gave my manager a paper a month or 2 ago with all my exam dates, this included the date on Saturday that I usually work. I also messaged her when I saw my new schedule due to this. She stated that I verbally said something different. Something that I don t recall at all. Know I don t know if I said any different but the thing here is she also forgot to order my shoes for work something that is suppose to be done by her. She forgot my availability as welll. I tried to explain to her. I can work evening shift if that would work for the day. But I don t have anything I can do. I can t just miss this exam. I don t know how to explain this to her


Sorry I wrote this in a frenzy, I meant to write "now I don't know" not know I don't know and j including her forgetting stuff because she clearly forgets things important things. 

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    11 months ago
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       Most places have a set policies on how you ask for time off. I send my boss an email . That way I can prove the date I sent the email and the days I requested off. You may need to take it a step further and ask for a reply of approval. Once again all will be in writing. 

    Now. You send her a text or email. I can not work Saturday December 14 during the day due to a school exam. 

    I can work after 4pm. Sorry for the confusion but I did give my exam dates in October.

    You talk to them in person and say basically the same thing. There is nothing to explain. You can’t miss an exam and they knew the date. 

    You may ask others if anyone can cover your shift.

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    You can try to switch shifts with someone. But if that does not work, then you would have to find out some way. I would just call off of work, if she really would not be willing to let me take a test. If she fires me or writes me up, I would just look for another job that is more flexible with people's school schedules. Not a single day in my life would I ever chose temporary work over school to get a better career.

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    Difficult situation.  At least say you must take a few hours off for the exam, including travel time.   Providing your work can be covered in your absence by others your manager should really try to help you.  No point making too much of a fuss, but see if another employee would willingly cover your shift and approach your manager with that suggestion to smooth the way.

    In future you must ensure you submit all leave requests in writing and follow up that these have been granted.  Tactfully remind your manager prior to future exams.  There is no point in arguing with the manager as it would get you nowhere in the end.  

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    You speak face-to-face with your manager and work something out.  Can she ask someone else to cover your shift?  Can you ask another worker to switch shifts?  If not, then you quit your job and attend your exam.  

    If you generally think your boss is unprofessional and difficult to work for, then start looking for a new job.  This isn't rocket science.  

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  • 11 months ago

    First, if you're not blaming her, leave the part about the shoes out of it. Most companies that employ students know that they have to make allowances for classes and exam times. You can ask your professor, but that person is not going to be happy. If your manager indicates that you'll suffer any consequences from not being available, go over her head. 

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    11 months ago

    Work on finding another employee to switch with you. She's probably upset that she has to find someone to replace you, which can take quite a bit of time to do. With so many employees with so many different availabilities and requests for time off, doing a schedule can be a nightmare.

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    What's your question?

    1. Tell the manager that you are unable to work on the day in question. Don't play "the blame game"; it doesn't matter whose fault it was. You can't work that day and time, period. You're giving her enough advance notice to find a substitute. 2. If you can find a coworker to switch with you, do so. But make sure you both go in to the manager and have your schedules switched officially.3. Ask your professor if you can take the final a little early. 

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    Absolutely first, always put requests in writing and keep a copy, many places even have forms for this for this very reason. You have two options: 1. ask the instructor if you can take the exam a day EARLY (not later)  2. firmly tell the supervisor and in writing you cant work that shift, then you must decide to not go and possibly loose your job. Not much else is available

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