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What do you call the beautiful game?

Football or Soccer


I'm not a yank by the way

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  • J
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    10 months ago
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    Football, as is the norm in most countries.  Some people get annoyed if it is called soccer, as in America, but it was also known as soccer in UK  up to around the 1950's; my schooldays!

  • 10 months ago

    football obviously. Needed the points ^_^


  • jimmy
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    10 months ago

    Football is the correct name, the term soccer is a slang name.

  • 10 months ago

    Go fish forsure 

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  • excuse me it's not what "i call it". there is no choice here's what it's officially called  from invention and it's RIGHTFULL terminology.....say anything otherwise and be prepared to be  insulted by me......America has no right whatsoever to defile it's rightful nomination...and i'm not a Brit btw.....p.

    zero tolerence

    YNWALFC   that's Liverpool FOOTBALL Club...u dig?

    Forever FOOTBALL

  • Bob
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    10 months ago

    It's football (or a local version thereof) in almost every country in the world. The Americans call it soccer to distinguish it from the game that girls play there. I assume it's a girls' game as all the players seem to wear helmets and lots of padding to stop themselves getting a booboo and that's not the sort of thing you'd expect guys to do. That said, even girls who play rugby eschew wearing padding so perhaps American Football is just a nice safe game for anyone who doesn't want to play an actually tough sport? I don't really know and, between you and me, care even less but it does all look very girly and silly.

  • 10 months ago

    I must admit I dislike soccer very much, boring to me, 22 men after a ball. Boring. Baseball is much better. And I'm an American not a "yank". 

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