What does WWE need to do and change in order to make the product better and make us excited to watch RAW and Smackdown again?

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  • 8 months ago

    To make money and promote their products.

  • Change The Bayley Storyline Her New Storyline Sucks Eggs! And Get Rid Of Baron Corbin And Corey Graves!

  • 8 months ago

    First thing that comes to mind is bring back the Attitude Era, their was talks at the time that they would make it the last hour of raw, but I think if they bring back it back it should for the whole show.

  • 8 months ago

    1. Have a clear brand divide! 2. Have better story lines. 3. Focus more on wrestling technical and high flying. 4. Have wins and losses count. 5 build up more wrestlers. 6 Fire Baron Corbin and Lars Sullivan. 7.  stop recycling matches

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Learn what a slow burn is again and stop pushing the hottest thing 2 years after it's cold [Pushing Roman Reigns in 2014 when he was hot 2 years beforehand, etc.]

    This is the reason The Fiend works, the slow burn to build the character.

    I feel so bad for Braun Strowman, guy is literally this decades Lesnar and is being booked as a clown.

  • 8 months ago

    It needs a complete overhaul, a new vision, to get out of their comfort zone and do the unexpected. They do this once in a while but not nearly enough.

  • Maybe you should stop recycling past WWWF/WWF/WWE Storylines? You have 7 Decades of Product out there and anyone who is so inclined can search The Internet and Social Media and see The Original Story lines as they were first done. Maybe, The WWE Writing Teams need to build story lines that take weeks and months to develop and build around your major Pay Per Views? Does WWE remember The Big 4 Pay Per Views? Royal Rumble--January, WrestleMania--April, SummerSlam--August, Survivor Series--November. It would also help if WWE remembered that they are The World Largest Professional Wrestling Promotion and their focus should be on The Wrestling Matches, not Characters praising themselves and their friends.

  • Candle
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    1. Have cohesive and long-standing story lines that will allow us to be invested in the product again.  Most of what's on TV now is either forgotten in two weeks or goes on too long with a ridiculous premise with no end in sight in the writer's room.  Wrestling in the mainstream has always had a problem when it comes to storytelling, not just WWE.  For some reason writers don't understand setup, narrative building, climax, and most importantly, payoff.  I don't recall the last time WWE has had a complete feud that felt like it meant something outside of NXT.

    2. Build up stars.  The current WWE mission statement is flawed in that WWE wants the brand to be the star, and not some singular performer whose charismatic and talented enough to capture the imaginations of their audience.  I understand that the past 30+ years have made Vince gun shy about having a mainstream crossover sports entertainer, because they all keep going to Hollywood with varied levels of success, or worse, leave the company in a bind when they're injured and leave the WWE high and dry without a fresh new star to launch out of the chamber.  A company cannot thrive with that sort of fear of losing top talent.  I mean, bash AEW for pushing Moxley, Jericho, Cody, Kenny, and the Bucks all you want, but at the end of the day the people watching AEW are watching it for those performers in particular.  To a demographic, Kenny, Cody, and the Bucks are stars.  To a bigger demographic, Moxley and Jericho are stars.

    3. Let the talent speak for themselves:  So how do you make stars? You let personalities shine through.  This means no more scripted promos, no more hobbling talent with bad gimmicks, and more letting people stand on their own two feet as performers.  A vast majority of the talent in the WWE came into the company with a loud cult following.  They gained that cult following by being who they wanted to be in the ring.  Some of it can translate to that talent becoming a bigger star in mainstream wrestling.  The last three names that blew up in wrestling for a microcosm of time were CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Becky Lynch.  They all exploded because they all became malcontent in how they were handled and they all started verbalizing that, and fans latched on to their sermon.  I'd say of those three, two of those names could have been bigger draws for the WWE in a mainstream capacity if WWE continued to let them grow on their own.  Look no further than LIJ in New Japan for proof that a major wrestling audience in this day and age can get behind a malcontent and disenfranchised talent with a huge personality.  I mean, it's not even a new concept.  Austin did the same thing 20 years ago.  Does everyone have to be Stone Cold? No, but if the WWE let people be themselves more often on screen, I think they'd find the audience connects with them more than they do guys like Seth and Roman who lack a natural microphone charisma who've been fed the company line for so long that they're starting to sound alike.

    4. Ditch writers and let bookers run the show.  If you get wrestling in any regard, you understand the difference between having hollywood writers behind the scenes running things and having veteran wrestlers running the show.  One of the best minds in wrestling has been Pat Patterson, and he was so effective because he could appeal to McMahon's whims while also maintaining the product's integrity.  There aren't many old timers who are willing to play hard ball with Vince like that anymore, but by god do we need someone to compromise a decent show out of the man, and we need other veterans there teaching younger talent what a good promo is and how to deliver one in their own voices.

    Will wrestling ever hit a boom period again? No.  There are certain genies that can't be put back in the bottle.  We'll never have another 'Attitude Era', nor should we.  Wrestling will always have the stigma of being 'fake', people will always compare and contrast to past generations of wrestling, and to many it'll never be as good as the good ol' days.  Vince isn't going anywhere until he dies, so that's non-negotiable.

  • 8 months ago

    They need to do a LOT if they want their product to get better.

    *WWE needs to make some stars that have great talent into main eventers. Roman Reigns is okay but superstars like Drew McIntyre, Samoa Joe and Buddy Murphy would be significantly better.

    *Vince needs to step down. Vince has lost it and he's actually damaging the product. Perhaps the company would get better with someone else as chairman. Remember that Vince is the one who has been telling Michael Cole nonsense to say on commentary, also the reason why WWE has lame wrestlers like Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin getting pushes that they don't really deserve.

    *Stop putting some bad superstars on the spotlight. Baron Corbin, especially, needs to go away and he is making the product worse. Lacey Evans too. Ember Moon and Chad Gable can do well as main eventers.

    *Stop wasting good talents. EC3, SAnity, Ember Moon, Heavy Machinery and Ruby Riott have all been wasted. SAnity is even worse as they got fed to The Miz over that stupid feud with Shane McMahon.

    *Stop with the Authority Figure vs Superstar thing. Every feud Shane McMahon has been in has been bad. Feud with Miz was bad and so was with Reigns and Owens. Not all of the matches were bad.

    *General Managers should come back. There needs to be order and superstars can't just make their own matches.

    *Make better bookings. Booking a superstar well is important but horrible booking isn't.

    *Tone down the Raw filler nonsense. Instead of doing filler, why not create an interesting feud between midcarders or lowcarders that can become the next big thing?

    *More wrestling but less comedy. Comedy has no place in an WWE wrestling environment where people beat the heck out of each other and brutalize each other.

    *Stop overbooking certain superstars like Charlotte Flair.

    *WWE should create a Queen Of The Ring.

  • 8 months ago

    Get rid of Baron Corbin. Corbin is freaking bland, irritating and boring. Sucks on the mic and sucks in the ring. Huge, huge liability. Why the heck do they push this piece of trash?

    Stop making Roman Reigns the main man of WWE and enough with the Wrestlemania main events with him there. Four in a row is insanity. Also stop making him into John Cena 2.0. His mic skills are horrible and the dude is a mediocre wrestler that has to be carried by majority of the superstars he faces.

    Stop booking Seth "Boring" Rollins as some super strong turd. It's bad enough that the scumbag pinned AJ but Brock and Braun? Nah man, now that's a disaster. It's a good thing he is a heel because he sucked as a face. If Rollins buries Owens then screw WWE.

    Give Vince the boot. Vince is one of the biggest problems in WWE seriously. He has made extremely idiotic decisions and he still does. I get it that he's the chairman but he is the type who'd rather have a worthless big man who can't talk than a very talented indy guy who can talk and is around a heavyweight or light heavyweight. I'm sure he's behind the push of Corbin, Reigns, Lashley and other big boring men in WWE. Vince should just step down and so that Triple H can be the new chairman. Triple H at least made NXT a heck of a lot better than it used to be and the dude seems to be more open.

    Stop messing up NXT callups. This thing about NXT superstars being called to the main roster only to fade into obscurity has gotta stop. Just look at what happened to EC3. I'm glad Kairi Sane is champion but once WWE wastes her, she might as well go back to Stardom.

    Make Braun Strowman world champion. WWE should have pulled the trigger when he was feuding with Brock. Braun's over and certainly better than Reigns. He deserves to be world champion.

    Stop making talentless wrestlers main eventers or giving them big push. They are part of reason why the product is getting stale.

    WWE Creative should get better. There's a lot of problems going on with that team. With the bad promos, horrible booking and generic faces and heels, something has got to be done asap.

    Listen to the fans more. Without the fans, no WWE. Listen to the fans, WWE. If they want someone to be booked well then book them well.

    Stop prioritizing UFC superstars over WWE superstars. In fact, enough with the UFC superstars.

    Improve commentary. Nice that Joe is on commentary but commentary as a whole in WWE needs serious improvement.

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