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I'm absolutely sure jealousy and secret surveillance of the spouse are integral parts of wedlock ?

since infidelity happens very often.Your opinion

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    Unfortunately, we're all human, and if a marriage exists with neither party never experiencing jealousy or doubt, it's a catatonic marriage. All passionate relationships must have negative alternatives or it's not passionate. However, there's an enormous difference between doubt and jealousy and surveillance!! The problem is, and always has been a lack of communication. Partners should share their feelings with one another. Otherwise mistrust and misunderstanding grow and fester, often destroying love. Paul Simon said it best: "Fools said I you do not know; silence like a cancer grows......"

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    That's kinda creepy, possessive and abnormally extreme.  Sounds like something you should see a psychotherapist for.

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    Children usually are part of the family, and they cement the mother and father together so that infidelity isn't that common per population.

  • And your question is????  If your unasked question assumes this premise, and you think the person you are married to has the same right as you do, and you both agree to those condition, then yes, jealousy and secrecy is an integral part of your wedlock.  For me, trust and faith are an integral part of my wedlock.

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    Yes, you are absolutely right..... wedlock is basically conditional on 'no cheating'..... any conditional ongoing commitment necessarily involves periodic reassurance through suitable cross-checks..... in case of jealousy, the need for such periodic assurance increases manifold.

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    I'm sure you're wrong. Jealousy and secret surveilances might occur when marriage mates disdain the guidelines for marriage that the Bible sets out. 

    Understanding Roles

    Success in marriage begins by understanding that God created man and woman for somewhat different yet complementary roles. We may liken this to a saw and a hammer. They are different in function, but both are needed to build successfully.

    The male was the one created for the role of leadership, of headship, and he is obligated before God to exercise it in a manner that reflects God’s own qualities. (Eph. 5:1, 2, 23; 1 Cor. 11:3) Where there is no proper headship, there is discord and confusion. Unfortunately, many men have abandoned this role, and their wives are frustrated as a result. At times, though, the problem lies with a wife who is too aggressive and competitive, and who wants to usurp her husband’s role. But when each cooperates in his or her God-assigned role, then great harmony can result.

    Find out more from the brochure below.

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    a) Wrong forum. Belongs in the Marriage forum in the Family & Relationships category. FAIL

    b) Good relationships are based on trust. If you think otherwise, you need to learn how to choose better. FAIL

    c) You're absolutely wrong. Do people call you a dumbass a lot? 

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    Trust but verify, on behalf of your inner sense, innocence of inner Child, which in a functional father-mother relationship is championed and nourished by the male and female of God's Image and dynamic.

    An adulterous spouse is both orphaning her or his victim's inner child, and aborting same, as the Energy of Soul moving as pro-creative patterning is quite specific or unique to each one's incarnation and divine plan.  Adulteration expresses Latin adulterare, to falsify, corrupt.  The energy soul field patterns are in some respects quite delicate, and the functional support of Child of Lightness, whether as father-mother recapitulation and strengthening of their pro-creative process, or more generally in the raising of children, asks focus, and energy patterns of cuckoldry are as "rocks in the feast of love" (Jude 1:12), which for the soul may be stones of con-fusion, e.g. in a manner similar to a series of boys raised in part by a mother who has not gotten beyond the male-female dynamic, hence each successive boy in such families, passing through the in-common energies of said birth canal tends to be less genuinely masculine, until and unless occurs the intercession of some such influence as "You must be born again" and the Melchizedekian priesthood understanding of "Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days [cf Ancient of Days] or end of life [last enemy surpassed], resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever." (Hebrews 7:3).  If the romantic couple love each other beyond the early and tends-to-wear-away chemistry of ~ 3-24 months, that love is as true artistic creativity and its Source, namely the Oneness of soul-field with Soul, and the respect and love of two Children or Son and Daughter of God for each other, which ideally extends through their years of development together.  Somewhat similar to abusing drugs, adultery marks (makes, leaves) traces of disharmony in one's finer levels of being.  And, like an Enlightenment frog prince descending into existentialism, the descent may be materially pleasant, but soporific.  Could you not watch with me one hour? is the gentle chastisement of the awakened.

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    If you're absolutely sure of it, why ask us? Wasn't part of my marriage, can say that - but I imagine it is in some.

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