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What does it mean when you’re always being deliberately sold short to motivate everyone else?

In any social group I’ve ever belonged I get pegged as low man totem pole.

I’m always made the example out of.

I’m always made *it* to motivate the others who want to think that they’re winning.

It’s always put on me to suck it up buttercup.

And whenever I try to leave the group tries to reel me back on in or knuckle me down like I’m a spoil sport taking his ball and going home 

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  • 8 months ago

    Sadly humans and any social primates are like this. There are always positions within the hierarchy.

    You need to find a new group of friends / associates who are more inclined to respect you for the decent, considerate and fair minded person that you are.

    However you can negotiate with the current group of friends to see if they are able to adjust. Explain that you enjoy mixing with them, but you dislike how they sometimes behave towards you. Then perhaps suggest that true friends accept you for the way you are.

    Be assertive on this point and see if they're prepared to alter their behaviour.

    If these people keep drawing you back in, then they obviously like you, but their attitude does need to change.

    Otherwise walk away from them and don't look back.

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