Is there a way to tap in to my security systems cameras that I stoped service on from brinks? ?

I have two with night vision on them used to be able to watch them through my phone.   They are still powered and I see the night vision lights turn on at night. They have antennas so I’m guessing they are wireless signal. 

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  • 9 months ago

    If it was as easy as asking on a public website then Brinks Security simply wouldn’t have a product worth paying for. 

    It would be utterly useless if the very people you’re trying to deter from causing trouble could simply hack into your own camera system to see when you come and go in order to work out the best times to break in and to see how fast you or police usually take to attend after alarms are set off.

    Brinks will have set up a secure link to their cameras. It may be possible to intercept the signal or to block it, but if it’s encrypted then you won’t see anything useful.

    If you want a non-subscription lower-security system then just buy a wireless CCTV system. If you want the Brinks cameras to work for you again then pay Brinks.

    Even the current range of “Ring” internet doorbells, cameras and home security systems require a subscription to work.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago



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