How do you make your Mac display completely black, but you can still do things in the background with the display going brighter?

Like after the display has gone completely black I could still press keys on my keyboard.


I know about the two brightness buttons on the keyboard, but those can't make it completely black, just really dark.

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  • 2 months ago
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    What you are seeing is light leakage through or around the LCD panel.  The lights, most likely LEDs, are behind the LCD panel and always on.

    If you want them off, you can take apart that "Mac", whichever model it is, and disconnect the power wire to the panel.  That will make it black.

    Easier would be a sheet of black construction paper taped over the panel. You can hinge it at the top and flip it over the back of the display.  On an iMac, be sure not to cover over the hot air vent.

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  • 2 months ago

    on your keyboard at the top theres two buttons, one looks like a big sun and one looks like a little sun. press the little sun until the screen is black

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