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I’m defrosting my freezer but it is a Fridge-Freezer so will I need to turn it off at the mains?

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    If it's a manual defrost unit, look for a button or knob marked DEFROST. Push it and let it do its thing.

    If it doesn't have that, turn the temperature control knob inside the unit all the way to its warmest setting or OFF.

    Be ready with pans to catch dripping water from melting ice. You can speed the process along by CAREFULLY scraping ice with a plastic spatula. NEVER USE METAL to pick at ice inside a fridge. If you damage the coils, the cost of repair will be high enough to render the refrigerator a total write-off, and you will need a new one.

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    Yes, unplug everything and let it defrost

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    Unplug it and turn off the water valve behind the unit in the wall to the ice maker (if so equipped.) The only source of cold in a refrigerator/freezer combo comes from the freezer. The refrigerator gets cold from air circulation from the freezer. Take everything out of the refrigerator side too, put it in an ice chest/cooler too, and just unplug the thing.

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