Do retail workers ever get more then 2 consecutive days off?

how does a typical schedule work for someone who works in retail, both full time And part time & how's their off day's scheduled... and are there ever weekends they'll get off? 

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    Full time in retail is very rare, usually retail workers are part time. Full time jobs are usually management positions. There is no typical schedule in retail, you work when they need you to work. During the holidays, retail associates don't typically get much time off. You're also expected to be available to work weekends and evenings. If you want a weekend off, you have to book it off or ask a manager if you can have it off, with at least a week or two advanced notice. But you shouldn't do so too often or they can cut your hours. Also some retail stores black you out from taking any time off during the holidays.

    I used to work part time in retail. Some weeks I didn't have any hours at all, the next week I may have 4-10 hrs a week. I was there pretty much every weekend, usually closing. The managers said they didn't have any issues with me. I rarely saw 20-25 hrs a week accept during the holidays. If you want to work in retail you may have to have 2-3 part time jobs to get buy. 

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    11 months ago

    There are no "typical" work schedules.    The employer determines the staffing needs of the business and then hires/schedules workers accordingly.

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