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Am I In The Wrong For Hitting My Mom Back?

Recently,, my patience for my mother has diminished and my mom continues egg me on. She starts petty arguments and threatens to hit me on a regular basis. At one point she smacked me on the head and I pushed her back and slapped her. I told her I wasn't putting up with her abuse and that if she hits me I WILL hit her back. I feel satisfied now but i'm wondering if I will regret it later. Am I in the wrong?


I felt like I needed to mention that I am female & 14.

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    Yes you're wrong...but so is she. It's wrong to be hitting...period. And if you think hitting in self-defense is OK, it isn't as a first choice. The first choice is to walk away from the antagonist.

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    Hitting as a response is learned and also retribution featuring violence is inappropriate.  You are only 14 and perhaps you have some growing up to do.  You are a teen and we can irrational,  you more than I.  You can be the calmer head and respect for all her faults and maybe she can see your effort.  Please do that.

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    Don’t do it again. 

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    Hitting is never okay, regardless of what relationship it is. However, it's even worse if you hit a parent or if a parent hits you. I couldn't even fathom that thought. I agree with the previous poster, that the best thing to do is to walk away. People who love each other don't hit one another.

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    Now comes your mother's turn in the "what will happen next" category.  She has several options.

    1 - Never put her hands on you again;

    2 - Put her hands on you again;

    3 - Report your slap to the Police.

    IF she puts her hands on you again you can call Child Protective Services and they will remove you from the home.  Maybe a relative will be awarded custody.  Maybe you'll go into the foster care system, a family or a group home.

    IF she decides to report this incident to the Police, they will call CPS and you will be removed from the home.  Maybe a relative will be awarded custody.  Maybe you'll go into the foster care system, a family or a group home.

    Do I believe you a "satisfied 14-year old" who feels entitled?  Yes.  Do I think you are wrong?  Yes.

    You are unhappy?  Your patience has "diminished?"  Then you should call CPS as soon as possible.  Go into foster care now before you are impossible to place anywhere but a group home.

    In some States a 14-year old can be charged with assault of a parent.  I don't know where you are.

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    I'd have hit her back, too.

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    We don't know your Mother's story, or if you are the instigator to her violence; however, if you are the poor defenseless victim you portray yourself to be, in this scenario, then good on you.

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    You're both wrong because that's your mom but she's more in the wrong because she knows what she's doing she eggs you on, she instigates these petty and ridiculous fights with you, and she expects you to not defend yourself. She's crazy and abusive and you need to get away from her.

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    you might regret it later, my mother used to slap me on the face, on time i got mad and slapped her back, ive always regretted it and now shes not here for me to apologize, a better way to deal with this is to call cps and have them take you out

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    Your mom is too nice. I would've dumped you outside. I think you're a spoiled brat and your mom should've beat you when you were younger. Now, you think you could do what you want. It's up to her in the end. 

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