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Should the Colorado Avalanche trade Gabe Landeskog for Taylor Hall?

Landeskog is the passenger on the top line who just showed that they can do the job without him (Donskoi is an absolute free agnecy steal) and having Taylor Hall on the second line may put them over the line

2 Answers

  • Landeskog is currently injured (he's on IR) and is cost-controlled through next season. Surely a big Avs fan would know this and understand trading a player on IR isn't really going to fly. Plus, Landeskog has a modified no-trade clause which means he would have to sign off on a trade. Let's think if you're Landeskog: you can stay in Colorado and contend for a Stanley Cup or end up in New Jersey.

    How exactly is Donskoi a steal? His SPCT is well above his career average, which 27-year olds don't normally sustain for an entire season (he's played 80 or more games once), or we're looking at another game of "Regression to the Mean" where people assume a guy past his prime has found the fountain of youth based on a hot early start.

    Plus, if you're New Jersey, you're not looking to add salary. If you get rid of Hall you want younger (cost-controlled) players on their ELC or on a cheap deal. Or draft picks.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    What kind of idiot would trade Hall for that?? They wouldn't do it even for MacK or Rantanen

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