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Can Quebec separate from Canada?

Can another referendum be held and if the majority voted in favour of independence, could Quebec leave Canada?

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    That whole thing was kind of over 20 years ago, but okay.  Let's what-if it one more time.

    Yes they could, but they've actually never wanted to leave Canada.  They just want to be their own little sovereign state within Canada, not completely on their own.  

    Even if they had a referendum and a clear majority of them said yes to sovereignty, they'd still want to use Canadian money.  And they would definitely want to get their Canadian transfer payments.  And they'd insist on being protected by the Canadian constitution and Charter.  

    Think of those retarded sovereign citizens you can find getting stopped by cops on YouTube.  Now picture a whole 'distinct society' of them.

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    Sure.  It is unlikely to happen; separatist sentiment there is only about 25% of the population now, and dropping, but, it is legal for them (or any other province) to do so.

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    Canadian law allows for that.

    It's not likely that they will in the foreseeable future

    (Trump ought to make overtures...)

    but it certainly is possible.

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