why is human potential so much greater in videogames?

And extremely limited in real life? Also that is wrong with those 2 things, the comparison, as a whole?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Video games would be non-profitable and boring if they limited their players to merely human capabilities. What would be exciting about a game when the big thrill is a guy is walking across the road when he sees a car coming and he jogs out of the way ?

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Humans have more potential in videogames because extra abilities that humans don't have in real life are programmed into the user's character and depending on the game, many games give your player character enhanced abilities. Some games also have advanced technology, advanced art, and advanced skillsets. Some abilities also give characters abilities that are  scientifically impossible in real life. Games like these include infamous (abilities), prototype (abilities), super mario bros (art), minecraft (skill/ability), star wars jedi (technology): fallen order,  tekken 7 (combat skill), strategic and learning games  since pepple can have strategy in real life don't usually fall other these categories so as you can see, these games are under mostly action/adventure/2d/first person or 3rd person. Even virtual reality games can be included this but they are not usually the traditional games. videogames *video games was all programmed where the real world was not* programmed. So in short: videogames: insert special ability, real life: special ability cannot be inserted (but obviously people can develop skills in reality, say videogames just improve on them but if they are entirely different worlds, then that's another story)

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