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How was Earth formed?

I have read the explanation in scientific articles but I do not comprehend it.

I need explanation in layman's terms. 

Is it true that part of sun broke off, later cooled and became Earth? 

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    No, that is not how the earth formed.  The earth formed from a massive cloud of space dust, the remainders of a star or stars that had exploded beforehand.  We see such clouds of space dust and debris at numerous places in the universe. They are not rare.

    The earth formed at the same time as the sun, but in a different region of the cloud.  The sun grabbed most of the material in its locality, and heated up (all that crashing together of moving debris creates heat after all), which drove more temperature-sensitive compounds away from itself, leaving mostly only those components that had higher melting points (rocky stuff rather than gaseous stuff).  Those residues are mostly what got glommed together by gravity and formed the inner planets.  The outer planets were in a cooler zone than the inner planets and tended to gather in more volatile (gas-forming) stuff that had been driven out and away fromt he sun.

    But all of this was pretty much happening simultaneous, over a period of millions of years.

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    Google "planetary accretion".

    Choose Rebecca Fischer's website.

    Read the first two sentences.

    Read them over and over!

  • Mike
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    8 months ago

    No, part of the sun did not break off and become the Earth.

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  • martin
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    It looks like the Sun melted about everything near it, including all the planets and asteroids, but the planets, being the biggest melted objects, assumed the shape of a sphere because gravity, a force centered in the core of the Earth and other planets, created a spherical shape for those large Solar System objects.

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    No, it's not true that a piece of the sun broke off and became the Earth.

    It was once thought that might have been how it happened, but that was more than a hundred years ago.  And if you've recently read a "scientific article" that said that, you need to get off of the creationist website you're looking at, and go to a real source.

    The current scientific understanding of planetary formation is called the "Nebular Hypothesis."  

    It has a few stages:

    1: A large cloud of dust and gas out in the galaxy begins to collapse under its own gravity.

    2: As it collapses, it starts to spin.

    3: The spinning causes the cloud to flatten into a rotating disc with a central bulge.

    4: The central bulge continues collapsing and eventually forms the sun.

    5: The disc breaks apart and collapses into many small bodies that continue to orbit in the plane of the disc.

    6: The many small bodies attract and collide with each other, sticking together and forming planets.  This process is called "accretion."

    Voila - the Earth is formed.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    No.  And you haven't read anything credible if that is what you got out of the articles.

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