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I don't really understand how valuable programming is as a skill?

For example, if I can write thousands of Java programs right now on my computer, is that really valuable? Can I get a good job if I can do that?

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  • 1 year ago

    they ask you what they need. what is new in the market and how well you kjnow. this are better persecutions for handling a right job (i.e. you home projects)

  • Who
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    1 year ago

     It aint really

     programming in itself aint difficult

    what IS difficult is designing the program structure -once thats done the actual programming is easy

     (how many times have you used a program fine - but its then "updated" and becomes useless compared to before?)

    (e.g - how exactly do you want the program to look on screen

      are you gonna use menus or "tick" boxes to proceed to the next step

     If there is a lot of data to show that you cant get on 1 screen - which data has priority,

    how do you get to other bits of data - is it gonna be in a second window or overwrite some off the data already there

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Do you know what a first good impression means?

    People can give each other first good impressions, but if you were to show me everything you have done then that's not a good first impression. I don't know why you think someone will give you a job if you show everything you have done. Being able to choose your best work to represent you is something you should do on your own if you want to get a job, but if whatever you produce isn't good then you just won't get a job. You would have to sell yourself if you want work. Producing a bunch of Java programs that may not have the potential to flourish is probably a waste of time.

  • Kyle
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    1 year ago

    you should do research to see what programming is still being used and what will be used for a long time.  that is where you find value and how you stayed employed.  when you have skills you can do that companies will hire you to complete.  

    use job board sites and see what requirements are needed for programming jobs.  see if they specify any sort of language.  if you find a common language, start with that.  see if you can get certifications if you don't want a degree.  even an associates degree is a good start in programming that might teach you a lot of languages.

    maybe see a counselor or adviser at a local community college, or even a professor in that field to ask questions.  

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  • 1 year ago

    Computer programming evolves. Apart from java, there will always be updates on latest programming tools. If Java programming is your skill, you might as well do a thorough research on companies that needs Java programmers, and at the same time, try to get the latests trends on programming. 

  • Linda
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    1 year ago

    Any skill aquired will help you get a job. There will always be someone who still uses that or can train you to use their programming.

  • Pearl
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    1 year ago

    it might be valuable , i would try to get a job in it and see

  • 1 year ago

    The question actually is --- do most computers still use Java or are they using a different kind of programming.

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