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Cheapest month to visit Las Vegas?

What is the cheapest month to visit Las Vegas? We are thinking of taking a trip there next November. 

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    November is not an inexpensive time to visit Vegas.  in fact, Oct & Nov are some of the most expensive times because the hot summer weather is finally gone.

    The least expensive times to visit Vegas are December after the Rodeo and before the NYE crowds arrive.  This includes Christmas.

    Also, January - early February after CES and before the 3 day weekend in February around Valentine's Day.

    Vegas has winter.  It may snow during the times I've listed. 

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    none. please don't come. too expensive for you.

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    myself and a mate flew from san diego to vegas and stopped in a first class hotel ...the one they blew up in the diehard film ...5 nights ..$49 each including hotel /food /flight ...we are from uk july was it hot ...i took a photo of a sign outside a motel was 11-15 at night ..and the temperature was 115!...thats why july was so cheap

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    One of the slowest weeks is for some reason right around,after Thanksgiving.  The rest is like everyone else said- any convention or sports even, rates triple or more. Also downtown can be cheaper than strip

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    The key is to avoid major conventions that are in town.  The fall months tend to be full of conventions in Vegas.  But even during those months, rates will drop on the dates when there is no convention going on.  

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    It's not the month in Las Vegas- this isn't a place where people go to enjoy the beach or skiing. It's not seasonal. However, it is a popular place for huge conventions and sports competitions, and during those, hotel prices skyrocket. You can go to a hotel's website, and see a chart showing the rates for different days. The price might be 3 times as much one week as it is the next. 

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