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Which places in Thailand that are unknown but attractive for tourists?

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    Each traveler has an idea of what they want to see.  Mostly it comes from advertising and promotion and word of mouth.  Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Ayutthaya, Koh Samui etc. are the most well known.  Why?  These locations are promoted by the TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand and or by the local tourism authority.  Also there are airline flights, bus routes and or train connections.  There are less well known places, like Kanchanaburi, near the river Kwai, yes from the movies Bridge over the river Kwai about 2 hours away by bus or taxi.  There is supposedly a train museum there, a museum dedicated to the history of the area and a few resorts along the river that runs through the city.  And one day I will visit there.  Not very exciting place but, pretty and calm. I visited a few years ago Prachuap Khiri Khan south of Hua Hin, I found Nishaville Resort on the beach, quiet, beautiful place.  Yet it took 5 hours by car to get there, no local airport, train?  might have taken 8 hours to get there and then find a taxi, haha.  It took some looking to find the place nestled near the ocean  Closest restaurant? You would have to drive.  There is a great restaurant onsite.   It is about access and supporting businesses. I think part of the problem is that Thailand is a "once" in a life time trip.  Key word "once" so most people go to the most popular places.  There is also the Himalayan Cherry Blossoms in Chiang Rai.  Mae Salong in Northern Thailand where most or all business signs are in Chinese because an army of Chinese Nationalist soldiers took refuge after the communists won the civil war in 1949.  This is west of Chiang Rai.  It's taken years of visiting Thailand, I have been visiting since 2004, I really only started looking outside of Bangkok since 2010 but, then only off and on because of access, I could only visit for 7 days because of work.  Good luck 

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    Thailand, often known as the Land of Smiles is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. From crystal clear beaches, beautiful oceans to enticing floating markets, Thailand has oodles of tourist attractions.

    There are list of places where you can visit, when the Thailand packages is on your cart. lets take a look on must-visit tourist attractions in Thailand:1. Railay Beach2. Koh Phi Phi3. Chiang Mai Walking Street4. Safari world zoo

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    There are known unknowns and unknown knowns and also unknown unknowns.

  • The White Temple in Chiang Rai will be lite up until 22 Dec 19. It is one place you should not miss if you go north and visit Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

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    Some Thai tourist destinations are underrated while a few others are overrated ( pattaya and phuket are one of them ).

    Of course it also depends on what you're looking for; for example the northern Thai mountain regions are worth a visit.  

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    If I told you they would no longer be unknown.

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    None - by definition, if they're unknown then tourists won't know about them.

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    If they are unknown then by definition we wouldn't know about them.

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