Advice on starting a fencing business? ?

I'm a 3rd year joiner in the uk so I have some experience but progress, pay, training sucks and honestly it's depressing.

I'm not really going anywhere, just working for people who decide what you do, learn, refine your skills in. I've always wanted to start a business so I figured start with something small not too complex and work my way into other things. Does Anyone have any invaluable advice or books on fencing, bill of quantities, planning etc so I can work my way up?Any help is much appreciated

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  • 7 months ago

    a) talk to an accountant !!!

    (they will typically do 30 mins chat as an initial 'freebie')

    find one that deals with small one-man businesses (not shops!) - ask someone who already is a one man business who they use, or ask an accountant if they specialise in that , and if not who they recommend you talk to - they know their trade, and will happily point you at the ones who like small, in the same way as the small recomend the big ones etc.

    b) think who /where is your market ...

    who wants your skills... and what will you do once winter or other quiet season comes (apart from autumn blown down fences)

    c) don't forget insurance

    Professional Indemnity - in case some one challenges your work later.Public Liability - in case someone (anyone) gets hurt

    See people like Hiscox etc or google for it

    d) Talk to your local Federation of Small Businesses etc chamber of commercethey will provide potential contacts for all of the above and referals, as they can provide services to you also !

    And go look at YouTube for people doing similar work.

    There are plumbers,electricians and trades such as yours all documenting the trials, tribulations and good/bad customers (and tricks they play - so be ready) not directly useful, but look at the channels he links to, some of those should be professionals ??

    or this guy in NZ, you can get inspiration from other countries also

    Youtube thumbnail


  • 8 months ago

    Buy some foils, facemasks and protective jackets.

  • denise
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Make a study of your area / district, peoples gardens / yards e.t.c.

    Ask around, maybe a start with small jobs like ;- fencing a lawn, flower bed, or similar, then word may get around among your customers & their friends?

    Good Luck.

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