How can the scientist appropriately resolve this problem?

The entire question: A scientist measures the change in temperature from a chemical reaction over a three-day period in a single experiment. When the scientist analyzes the data that results are five degrees Celsius higher than reported by other scientists

after studying the same reaction. How can the scientist appropriately resolve this problem?

A. Publish the results as a contradiction to the previous studies

B. Only include data that matches the results from previous studies

C. Perform the experiment again  

D. Discard all of the data and report that the results should have matched previous studies

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    8 months ago

    The scientist should carefully and critically scrutinize his experimental design and data analysis, perhaps inviting another scientist to scrutinize it (objectively) for him.

    If no fault is found, the scientist should publish the results.

    (Reporting unexpected outcomes for an experiment is a very important part of science.)

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