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My singing sounds like crap, what can i do about it? What is the problem?

My friend Amy and I are supposed to do a duet of O Holy Night for Christmas Eve and I realized that I sound kind of awful and she doesn’t sound the best either. It’s part of our youth group and part of the stipulation of getting a scholarship of a thousand dollars to go to college.

Together we are like ammonia and bleach, worse together than apart, I run out of steam on long phrases and sound really strained, and she ends up straining on the O Night Divine belty part and it sounds awful and it also sounds like we don’t line up well.

Is there anything we can do about it or are we just going to have to embarrass ourselves?

What can we do about it? What is wrong with our singing?


On the belting part which is really strained it sounds awful and winds like yelling and is not really good sounding at all. Such an easy song is hard for us, why is there any easy way to sound better?

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    That is a very difficult song. Ots not easy at all. Can you switch It? For example silent night is much easier. 

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    Let's face reality. Everyone cannot sing.

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    I would get voice training. Also, do you lift your soft palate? If not, your voice won't be as good.

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    Singing requires practice and building up skill. You probably will not be able to develop talent in a month, so do what you can to make it easier. Find a version of the song where the notes do not go as high and are not held as long. You can probably work with the rest of the group to make it easier on your throats.

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    Vocal lessons are always something you can take, even in your adult life. You could always take some vocal lessons to better your voice if you do think it doesn't sound the best.

    Some tips from me: 

    - Always try to put emotion into your voice, not too much, though. Too much emotion can make it out to sound as though you're trying too hard.

    - Don't just scream or sing your songs, make sure your voice flows and blossoms with the lyrics.

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    If you don't have a singing voice, you can't really do anything about it. Might as well embarrass yourself. 

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