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I want to buy a 32" tv. I have no idea what kind to buy. What is the best kind of tv?

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    If you truly want the best 32” TV then the Samsung 4K Q50R is the one to get. It uses a Quantum Dot display which produces a much wider color volume, and has a great HDR performance because it supports not only the basic HDR10 format but the premium HDR10+ format.

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    Not sure, sorry, Gggggggggggg

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    I got a samsung 4k 42 inch from walmart for $200. I mean its a great deal unless youre lucking for something extra-ordinary. I even got a purevpn add-on @ 88% off so i can stream relentlessly as well.

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    Buy only these brands: 











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    10 months ago

    The kind you can get at the pawn shop right now where everybody has pawned their last year's TV and the pawn shop is flooded to the top! In my area you can pick up a 32-inch TV right now for 75 bucks

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    Depends on what kind of resolution you want for your TV.  Also what kind of support it has.  I would look into what you want to do with your TV.  Are you wanting to get Cable TV? Dish?  DVD?  Blueray player?  Gaming consoles? Computer?  4K?  or 1080p?  or ....

    Also how will you be connecting all of your devices to this TV?  Will the TV have enough inputs to connect all of the devices you would like to use with the TV?

    Going for the top 3 TV choices I would say those are Samsung, LG and Sony (no particular order).  All three are decent name brand TVs.  And also have relatively decent support if you should need it.

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    They run about 85 dollars at Walmart.  Wait until one goes on sale for a cheaper price.  The model doesn't matter.  If it breaks in five years, buy a new one.  By then, they should be even cheaper.

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    Any kind would be good. It is a very competitive free enterprise market so prices and quality have to be good. I personally like Sony.

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