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Could a merchant ship bring a train from America to Europe and vice versa? The track gauge is the same.?

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    While most of Europe uses the same 1,435 mm gauge as the US and Canada, the railways in Spain and Portugal use a wider 1,668 mm gauge.  Ireland and Northern Ireland use 1,600 mm gauge; Finland uses 1,524 mm that is also compatible with the  1,520 mm gauge used by the countries of the former Soviet Union. 

    The US shipped thousands of locomotives and tens of thousands of rails cars to Russia and USSR during World War 1 and 2 so it's possible to ship rail equipment across ocean but why would you want to ship rail cars in addition to cargo?  They only take up more volume and add weight to the shipment.  It is cheaper and more efficient to transfer bulk and containerized cargo from train to ship than shipping the loaded rolling stock across the ocean.  

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    Yes, it's quite possible, though it would be grossly inefficient just as a means of transport.  Rolling stock can be shipped all over the world if a purchaser wants.  As already said, the Flying Scotsman went from the UK to the USA for quite a time and was used for demonstrations, sales pitches etc. She had to be fitted out for American railroads with a headlight, bell and other things. She's now back home in the UK.

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    It has happened. the Flying Scotsman toured the USA. 

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    Yes. General Electric has a locomotive manufacturing plant in Erie, PA. They ship locomotives all over the world.

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    The first trains used in the USA were imported from the UK so they used

    the UK track gauge.

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