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If we don't have any sex hormones will we have a better life and society?

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    No. Hormones signal the body to mature sexually. No sex hormones means no one will develop ovaries or mammary glands or produce sperm. Pregnancies and lactation are regulated by sex hormones, and so is the development of muscles. Without sex hormones, our species would become extinct in a single generation because no one reproduces successfully. Sex and reproduction are normal and natural, not evil. In fact our bodies have evolved in such a way that when we have sex, lots of oxytocin (a hormone) is released, and oxytocin makes us feel good, encouraging us to have sex again and again. It is nature's way of encouraging behavior that is beneficial to our species. Humans and animals do not do something because it is the right thing to do, but we do the right things because it makes us feel good. For example, making friends and helping others make us feel good, and that is why we do it. Unfortunately lying and doing evil things such as torturing people make some perverts, sociopaths and psychopaths feel good, and so does grubbing money while hurting others. That is why some people do these evil things.

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    That is not the way God created us. (Genesis 1:28) People just need to learn how to control themselves. (Colossians 3:5)

  • No, If we don't have any sex hormones, People will be abolished from the earth in the near future.

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    1 year ago

    You would die. The human body rapidly deteriorates and goes cancerous without them.

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    we won't have any society, idiot. where will kids come from?

  • We'd become extinct in a generation.

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