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Pain when extending knees?

I am a trained dancer and have dance lessons every Monday night. On those nights, we do a ballet motion called plies, which is bending and then extending the legs. For the last few months, I have experienced pain when extending the leg. I am currently wearing a knee brace but would like to know how to solve this problem or what this pain is. If you have any information, I would love some help to work this out.

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    This should not be ignored hoping it will work itself out. Doing this will only make matters worse as you are not doing what needs to be done to protect the knee. 

    How old are you? If you are 18 or younger, your body could be going through growth spurts. Growth spurts normally will cause aches and pains in your whole body, bones, joints, ligaments being stretched and altered.

    Either or the same advice goes. First of all, I'd talk to your instructor. She as a trained dancer will have suggestions for you. I'm going to say, she'd first ask you to see a physician to see if all if fine. This will be exrays/ultrasounds. 

    Then if all is fine, your instructor will watch you dance and see if you lack control and or moving your body incorrectly. You say you only work out on Mondays. This is not enough time to condition your body. The muscles surrounding your knee need to be built up so as to protect the knees. The more muscles you have, the more muscles will protect your knees and all joints. Just like it makes sense to build muscle to protect your back and hips, you need to do this for knees. 

    I'd first tell you to rest your knees until the pain goes away and then take the instructors' or doctors' advice on how to strengthen the muscles around the knee and work on this more than once a week. 

    I will point out the importance of stretching for at least one hour before dancing and after your dance routine.  

    I'd wear clothing that keeps the body warm throughout warmups, dance, and an hour after. Wearing leg warmers like Jazzpants that fit over your tights and or leg warmers that cover the knees and calf, ankle. 

    You could ask about taping, ask your instructor about this. 

    (I just realized that perhaps you are not in a dance class but are the instructor yourself, but the advice still holds. I'd rely on your doctor and the physical therapy they might suggest. 

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    I've been doing ballet my whole life and to me it sounds as if you're forcing turnout. Forced turnout can cause knee pain and even knee injuries.

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    You need to see someone about this as soon as possible.   You don't say how old you are but if dancing just once a week then I would imagine,  not too old, and only dancing as a hobby. 

    Firstly ask your teacher whether you are pushing back in the knee instead of pulling up through the thighs as this will create a problem... but then look at age and growth related issues such as Osgood-Schlatter disease. 

    Number one thing though is DO NOT work on a dodgy knee.  You are likely to cause more issues especially if you are about 13 yrs or so at the moment. OCD is not uncommon at your age either and you do not want to be causing soft bone to splint off through wrong exercise. 

    First thing is DIAGNOSIS then a good physio / teacher to keep you working only within your capabilities with this knee / knees.  

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    i would go see your doctor about it

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