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in basic instructions, how do i copy the entire contents of one external hard drive to another ext hard drive?

basically i'm a computer beginner, and i have a samsung external hard drive with a lot of media files on it, about a hundred and twenty 5 folders on it filled with media files - music and pictures-  and i want to back up that ext hard drive and copy the entire contents of it to another external hard drive when i buy basic instructions so i can understand, how would i do that?

i'm using a custom built windows 7 desktop pc to add.

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    Plug both drives into the computer. If both drives are recognised by the computer they will be listed when you go to the desktop and click on  "This PC" or "My computer"

    Right Click the source drive, the one you want to copy from, select copy

    Right click on the destination drive the one you want to copy to, select Paste

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    One of these, will help: HTTP://

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    If you go to 'My PC' in windows, you should now see both hard drives (if connected) in 'MY PC' if you double click on the HDD (hard drive) that you wish to copy then once in that HDD press 'CTRL + A' then 'CTRL + C' then go to your other HDD in 'My PC' and double click on the HDD that you wish to paste your media and press 'CTRL + V'.

    When doing the CTRL + A/C/V commands make sure not to press the plus symbol. (Just to clarify)

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    From one drive to another? It's a simple drag and drop. Open a window pane of the folders you want to copy. Have that window about half the size of your screen. Left or right side; your preference. Open a second window pane of the new drive you want to copy those folders to. Put that on the other half of your screen. So it looks something like the pic below. Now, on the full drive, click on one item until it's "highlighted". When it is highlighted, press <Control> key and the "A" key at the same time. That's a keyboard shortcut for selecting all items. With everything now highlighted, click and hold the highlighted list and drag the entire list onto to the blank (new) harddrive window and release the button. It will copy EVERYTHING that is in the highlighted list onto your new drive. Very simple and easy to do. It took much longer to write all this out out than it would for the computer to copy the files. Good luck.

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    go to the new drive.  Click anywhere and do a control-A, that will select everything.  Do a control-C, that tells the computer you want to copy all those files.

    Go to the new driver.  Click anywhere and do a control-V, that will copy everything you selected to the new drive.

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    Google "drag and drop". 

    Drag the required files from the old external HDD and drop to the desktop. Then drag these files from your desktop to your new HDD.

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    Personally, I would sit down with a computer literate person, and have them help me through this procedure. 

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