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dear scientists: if autism isnt caused by vaccines, why isnt there a vaccine for autism? lol?

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    Vaccination uses disease against itself, pal. And Autism is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a DISEASE. You can't catch Autism by being around someone who has it. People who are born with Autism aren't "sick", and we aren't "broken" and in need of "fixing". I'm speaking first person here because I HAVE mild Autism, and it was caused by birth trauma, not  by vaccines.

    There are different kinds of vaccines, for both viral and bacterial infections. But Autism isn't caused by bacteria or viruses. Therefore, there will never be an Autism vaccine. It might be possible to use gene therapy to prevent Autism someday, when we understand the chemistry of our DNA a little better. But for now, there is no "vaccine" which will prevent this disability.

  • Nathan
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    Because it's a genetic disorder. Vaccines only help prevent virus' - it's like asking why there isn't a vaccine for cancer.

    Vaccinations are made using dead/inactive parts of the virus and injecting it into your body. Your white blood cells then work together to destroy them, which is why sometimes you at sick, and remember how to do it for next time.

    Autism is a developmental disorder you have since birth, though the signs are only really noticeable at 18 months because thats when most toddlers develop a lot faster, and more is expected of them. That's when they notice something is wrong with a child.

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    i am answering second part of question.

    ''' ..... why isn't there a vaccine for autism?"

    its not a disease. its a fraction of disease. that means a person who can't refresh memory at certain age is like autism. Its not autism. but it means person got disability at xyz age. so you can take it back and refresh memory power unless human itself wanna take rest and be patience with every steps his take.

    a son of my friend who leaves near by he is autistic. he gets personal tuition here in south. now when i saw what she was teaching was "confident and confirmation of what we normal people really do!" that means. if he want to learn he will learn and adapt. but being autistic they have a different nature of putting a smile to the burden of the communication, they laugh and leave or they can't do what normal people does rightaway takes time to think. a blunt person like me, prefers to say sometimes.

    "Hey Mike, if you see a person who has a red shirt give him $10. and remember disregard he gives you anything or he doesn't. but give it to him handy"

    so i say to the person to ask an autistic to give him 10-dollar and i figure out who will be helpful and clean with his character and i will tell autistic child to do,

    thats it. I will remind him, You have confidence on you.

    Sorry, I had a long theory to explain.


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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Because autism is congenital (inborn); and kind of comes with the lot, haha (the lot, of course, being one's brain) so by the time an autistic person has been born, they're already autistic. Bit late to vaccinate, don't ya think?

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    Totally ignorant. You need a vaccine for stupidity.

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