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Is it wrong to hate a certain race?

I dont mind running a 5k, but my running group really wants to do a 10k and I dont really like them...

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    It is not wrong but it probably will not be good for your situation, if that is what you have to do.

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    8 months ago the 5k...record your time and then "pull a hammy"....big woop.

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    It's fine to have a distance preference and to not want to run other distances or particular distances. There's no need to "hate" any race, unless you had a bad experience in that race and it was due to how the race was organized. 


    If you don't want to run a 10K, then don't. I'd been doing 5Ks for many years before I decided to do a 10K (just to say I'd done one). I was slow, but I did it, and that was that. Years later, after recovering from 2 knee surgeries, I trained to do another one, because I'd decided I wanted to run a half marathon at some point (just to say I'd done one). There's nothing at all wrong with keeping to the shorter distances. I have a friend who is a personal trainer and runner, and his preference is 5K runs so he trains to become better/faster at that distance, instead of training for longer runs (he's done some long runs but just didn't enjoy them).

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    Hating someone for their race is quite despicable.  

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    I figured your question is political. Guess not.

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