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Why is my friend not supporting me?

So my best friend has another friend, her boyfriends sister, who I’ve only met twice for a couple of hours and my friend keeps telling me she doesn’t like me. 

Apparently she is bringing me up every time she sees her and is telling my friend she can’t stand me and she shouldn’t hang out with me.

 I asked my friend what does she say when she’s slagging me off and she said she doesn’t say anything, it’s annoyed me because if she was a true friend wouldn’t she stand up for me? We were out having a meal a couple of days ago and again during eating she mentioned her and how much she hates me, it really upset me and ruined my evening, my friend just seems to find it funny. I told her it’s bothering me and she just said she’s being silly and to ignore her but she keeps talking about her to me! I want to confront the girl and ask her what her problem is but my friend begged me not to and said if I do she will know she told me. What should I do?

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    As soon as she brings up the subject of this person, change the topic quickly, you shouldn't have to, have your evening ruined because of someone that doesn't like you is being mentioned all the time.

    The trick is to change the topic to something much more interesting, like for example; "I hear that the weather report says it will be nice for the next couple of days, would you like to take one of those days hiking?" Or; "You wouldn't believe what my mother did the other day, it was really funny". Make sure you have a list of topics to throw her off so she doesn't have to mention this person that says nasty things about you. You just don't want your friend ruining your day.

    Cheer up, and try and have a good evening, and forget what this person is doing or saying.

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