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Are there any other tips to try and find/lure cat back home ? Please help and read below ?

My girlfriend and I adopted our cat Dizzy this past August. He is now 8 months old. He is very skittish but very playful and likes to cuddle when he’s tired. He got out Sunday 11/08 when my girlfriend was letting our dog back inside. It was his first time out since we adopted him. We eventually found him that night under our shed. We tried everything we could to get him to come out but we were unsuccessful. There are holes from ground hogs under the shed that we would get into as well. The best night we eventually saw him still under the shed and used a humane trap to try and lure him out all night but we were unsuccessful again. The third night we did not see him at all under the shed but figured he was just hiding in one of the holes. The fourth night we dismantled our shed floors and he was no longer there. We’ve tried all types of different smelly food in the trap to lure him back. We’ve put our clothes/blankets/towels outside, we put his cat tree outside, we set up a hunting camera to see if we could catch him walking around at night. We made flyers and handed them out to neighbors and local businesses. We have checked the shelter to see if he’s there but nothing. There’s woods behind our backyard and I’ve gone back there every night to look for him but nothing. We haven’t had any signs of him since 11/10 when he was last under the shed. Really looking for any more suggestions as we feel like we’ve done everything possible but we don’t want to give up. Thanks you.

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    He randomly came back last night. Took us about an hour to finally get him close enough to grab him but over two weeks of him being missing and he came back. 

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  • Anonymous
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     We have a number of indoor/outdoor cats. They all come when we whistle for them. I don't know why they do that because they were never trained to do that.

     Our vet claims that whistling bothers their ears. I guess that's possible.

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  • PR
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    7 months ago

    Since you knew where his hiding place was, the cat may be hiding in another spot. Try under decks, crawl spaces, in the garage, etc. Look with a flashlight which may help in dark areas, or at night. 

    If the cat is not neutered, he may be seeking a mate. 

    Besides that, you need to check all shelters in case he has been brought there. Go, and do not just call them, because shelter staff are known for NOT being able to describe animals in their care. Put signs up on telephone poles: LOST CAT/PHONE, besides the flyers.

    Go around at night, calling, and listen for him.

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  • 7 months ago

    I'm so sorry to see your cat, Dizzy, has gone on an adventure.  It sounds like you've done everything possible.  Putting strong-smelling food in a humane trap is probably the best idea, along with putting up flyers.

    Since he is adopted I am assuming he is microchipped.  Make sure the details are registered in your name and address (could still be under the original owner/rescue/breeder) to ensure if he IS found, he'll be brought back to you.

    Keep checking local shelters and vets.

    I wish you luck getting Dizzy home safely.

    Source(s): vet 21 years, behavioural specialist.
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      Thank you much appreciated 

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