Cervix Check Extremely Painful?

I am 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I have had multiple cervix checks, membrane sweeps, pelvic exams, and even a leep procedure on my cervix. None have been comfortable- but I haven’t felt a lot of pain.

Today at my appointment the Dr (who I had never seen before) went to check my cervix. She just dove in very quick and rough.  It was the worst pain I have ever felt. I was completely off the table and pulling back from her as she continued to force her way in. I kept saying “ow this really hurts” and was in tears. She didn’t stop- she just pushed harder and said “you need to relax”. 

By the time I got home I was bleeding- which I haven’t had happen with any of the other checks or the membrane sweeps.  I realize in hindsight I could have demanded her to stop- but in the moment I was just so lost in the pain I could not react.

I am really bothered by the fact she didn’t pause or ask if I was ok or let me relax before she continued to shove.  She also called my baby a ‘moose’ because he is measuring at 9lbs 5 oz and that has me worried.

Has anyone else ever had pain like this? And if so any tips for next time? What if she is on call when I deliver? I am just kind of worried.

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    Why on earth have you had "multiple" cervix checks and membrane sweeps???  Unless you're in labor, there's no need to check your cervix.  It hasn't been part of a routine prenatal in many years.  Membrane sweeps are also completely out of fashion, much less "multiple" sweeps.  That alone is incredibly worrisome, adding a doctor pushing ahead with an unnecessary exam when you're crying in pain is downright terrifying.

    For the record, baby weight cannot be determine in utero.  You can't "measure" baby's weight until he/she is born.  It's nothing more than a wild guess. Although her calling your baby a moose based on her estimate isn't a big deal at all.  

    Report her to your insurance.  If she's on call when you go into labor, refuse her.  Unless you're in a very tiny town, she can't be the only doctor available that day/night.  And call your regular doctor.  With any luck, he/she can tell you his/her on-call schedule for the next few days/week, since you'll almost certainly go into labor in that time.  A good doctor will work with you.  I've worked with several who will come in even when not on call if a patient is uncomfortable with the on call doctor.

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      Nope.  I assume your doctor is much older?  Unfortunately there's still a few old-school holdouts who think it does something.  Or think it'll make it look like they're doing something to help. 

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    Awe, so sorry to hear about that. I think if it were me, I would let my regular doc know what happened, and try to avoid that specific doc  who hurt you.  Please try to relax and not stress at this time. Relaxing is crucial to a successful labor. Your body can give birth to your child whether or not you are conscious, so learning to really relax is very important in order to get thru delivery.  My best advice for this stage in pregnancy is to stay “in the moment”, and to not get too far ahead in your mind about the what ifs, especially during labor. Always remember that each contraction is one less than the last one you will ever need for this labor....so it’s a count down. I can honestly say if you do that you will have a more pleasant birth, not hat birth is pleasant physically, but it can be much easier to cope with if you are as relaxed as possible.

    Hope all goes well for you and yours :)

    HugsP.S. I’m posting a link below to an article you may find interesting to read about early  childhood training and development for young babies and children, I enjoyed reading it and thought you would too.https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&issue=2004-10...

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      Thank you so much for your kind words and advice. That really helps I greatly appreciate it. 

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    If you can’t handle a cervical check, delivering a baby should be quite an experience...

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      I have handled multiple if you read my post. Wow everyone on here is just an *** hole.

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    A  LEEP procedure isn't done at this time I think I smell a troll

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      Why are you even on here if your not going to answer questions? Get a life. Being a jerk on social media shows what a joke you are.

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